Our purpose is to facilitate conversation and relationship amongst coastal fashion industry stakeholders in Kenya. We are not a committee, we are a think-tank committed to excellence and innovation.


The Swahili Coast Fashion Group is a collaboration of individuals and organizations dedicated to the development and promotion of the Swahili Coast fashion industry. SCFG develops events, campaigns and workshops for the purpose of bolstering a high-end fashion industry catered to Kenyans, Expats and Tourists alike.


SCFG is dedicated to developing events, processes, policies, workshops and other elements that bolster a thriving fashion industry throughout the Swahili Coast. Our goal is to create a thriving fashion industry that will strengthen the economy and serve as a positive focal point for tourists, press and Kenyans.


If you are influencer, director, decision maker, individual or leader of a fashion industry related entity, we would like to welcome you to join the group. The group will meet periodically throughout the year to strategize on creating events and supporting local stakeholders. The group is new and there is much development to be carried out.

Here is a list of fashion industry stakeholders needed for the group. If you are a decision maker for one of these types of entities, please contact us.

Modeling Agency | Branding or Marketing Agency | Rotary or other Club| Night Club | Events/Production Company | Restaurant or Food Supplier Hotel Industry | Tourism Agency | Design School | Film & Photography | Production Company | Stylist | Makeup | Artisan | Designer

If you are interested in this movement, please send a brief biography HERE. Our executive committee will review your information and contact you about joining the group.

Click Swahili Coast Fashion Group to review the full SCFG PDF, and please feel free to pass it along to interested parties.