Experience Is Priceless

Posted by admin January 5, 2012 ()

by Vijeta Rathor, KEZA Design Intern

This has been another interesting week here at KEZA. Each day unfolds a new series of experiences, which cannot be attained at any high status schools or universities. I have learned about new and innovative ways to use a variety of materials available to us in order to come up with jewelry creations. At the end of each day this gives me a sense of satisfaction.

Tackling tricky yet beautiful designs sends an adrenaline rush through me and makes me want to come up with my best solutions for design challenges. The more you get involved in problem solving the more you realize there was no exact problem to begin with, but rather you were not ready look deeper into the solution that was right in front of you from the very beginning.

The process of naming the unique jewelry pieces has been another exciting experience as you have to be creative as well as meaningful with your words. I usually thought naming products was quiet easy but after passing through this stage, I have realized that there is a lot more that goes into it even if it seems as simple a name. The character, personality and materials of each piece have to harmonize with the name. It makes you realize how even a tiny detail on a piece can determine the perfect name for it. That way the piece speaks for itself and does not really need a long detailed story to convince people about its individuality.

I am glad to be part of such an experience as very few people get the opportunity to do what I am doing.


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