KEZA’s Fashion Panel provides us with product development guidance, credibility in the industry, and a vast network of industry professionals, ensuring that our products are relevant, fashionable and avant garde.

The panel consists of fashion industry experts, celebrities, models, fashion institute professors, store owners, designers, stylists, and other major players in the industry. Each member is hand selected by the KEZA team.

Karen Giberson | Accessories Council, President
A genuine style insider, Karen has over twenty-four years of experience in marketing and public relations fields.  As President of The Accessories Council, a non-profit national advocacy group, she represents more than 160 of the biggest brands in the fashion industry.

Karen first took a position in the buying department at Macy’s. She later joined QVC where she was Director of event marketing, accessories, footwear, intimate apparel, beauty and fashion.

Karen has lent her keen perception of the fashion retail industry as a consultant for a variety of companies including QVC, Always In(Style), Estee Lauder, HairZing, ElyseRyan Jewelry, Anomaly, Virgin American Airlines, Miramax, Sculptz Shapewear, Crown Consumer Brands and Tracy Reece.

Karen is also an EMMY award winning executive producer of “Avec Eric,” a PBS broadcasted television show featuring star chef Eric Ripert that was named Outstanding Culinary Program in 2011.  She is also a partner in Hunter&Moss, a new line of environmentally friendly handbags, available online.

Karen’s professional affiliations include: Board of Directors of the Gibson Foundation, a member of Divas Who Dine, a member of the Fashion Group, an Advisory Board member of the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising and President of KEZA’s Fashion Panel.

“Accessories Council is delighted to be able to support this meaningful initiative.  We applaud the program and will be on hand to support the KEZA team.”

Robert Ebert | President/CEO Rebert Sales LLC
Robert Ebert is a jewelry industry veteran of 34 years.  An owner/partner of M. W. Samara, Inc., a sterling silver jewelry designer, manufacturer and distributor established in 1972, Ebert pioneered the “bridge jewelry” department in major US retailers as we know it today.  Prior to 1975, silver jewelry was nowhere to be found in major  US retailers until Ebert’s company educated the retailer and ultimate consumer on the virtues of sterling silver.  Today, Ebert has introduced that same market to the first extensive collection of sterling silver jewelry made from 100% recycled metal, a breakthrough in eco-friendly products in the industry.

“It is time for the jewelry and fashion industry to support such worthwhile endeavors like the Keza brand of products. The company vision is a model in sustainable practices and opportunity that retailers and consumers alike need to learn more about and embrace.  I am happy to associate myself with such a noble mission!”

Matthew Johns | Professional Stylist
Matthew started from nothing in Nashville, TN, always enthralled with fashion and the accompanying scene. But over the years he has established himself as one of the most sought after stylists in the area.

Matthew began studying fashion at Savannah College of Art and Design, noted as one of the most creative and fashion forward students in his class. As much as he loved designing actual clothing, he had found his true niche in styling.

With an eye for style and a passion for a good accessories, Matthew constantly wows his audiences and cuts a swath of color and beauty through whatever event he touches. You can often see him driving around Nashville in his 97 Rover with tulle and sequins pouring out of the trunk. He is a pro at making absolutely anything camera worthy, (turning pillow cases into mini dresses and curtains into formal gowns). He can work miracles with nothing more than some fabric and a couple safety pins. Matthew is fashion exemplified.

His work can be seen in Nashville Lifestyles, HEEB Magazine, CMT, MTV, VH1 and on Runways across the world.

Karen Peltier | Jewelry Industry Expert
Karen has 16 years of experience in the jewelry and fashion industry.  With a vast experience in design, production, sales and marketing of fine jewelry and fashion product; Karen’s expertise is in working with large jewelry stores, high-end department stores, and shopping networks.

In 2003, Karen took her first trip to Africa. She was so moved by the horrific effects of the AIDS epidemic, she decided to focus on volunteer efforts with AIDS- orphaned children. After traveling to Africa numerous times, and volunteering with an orphanage, Karen continues to direct energy to the destruction of AIDS, and increasing awareness of AIDS in Africa.