“Go to the people. Live among them. Learn from them. Love them. Start with what you know. Build on what they have: But of the best leaders, when their task is done, the people will remark ‘we have done it ourselves’.” {Chinese Poem}

From university students to seasoned philanthropists, the pervasive understanding is that many traditional methods of aid simply are not working or, worse yet, have become detrimental. KEZA was not developed in an office in America. It was designed on the ground in East Africa through five years of listening intently to the needs and desires of the people we lived among.

We tapped into a $298 Billion per year (in the US alone) industry and connected it to an abundant source of burgeoning talent across the developing world. Continents like Africa are not looking for another handout. They are looking for opportunities to thrive in a career they love; one that provides for their needs and instills dignity in their souls.

When we think of the developing world, it’s natural to envision poor, sick and desperate people. But the people of these nations deserve the right to tell their own story and create their own future.

Imagine what might happen if we expected greatness from Africa, Guatemala or Nepal? What might happen in the psyche of the people living there? What might happen in the psyche of the market that would purchase their goods?

Join the KEZA movement and be part of something truly beautiful.