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“It is the nature of man to rise to greatness when greatness is expected of him.” John Steinbeck

Imagine if we expected greatness from the developing world.

KEZA is an ethical fashion label. We discover uniquely gifted artisans, expand their design capacity for the western market and connect them to the international luxury fashion industry.

We foster true independence and dignity for our artisan partners and their countries as a whole. KEZA utilizes excess and recycled materials and eco-friendly production methods in order to contribute to a greener earth.

The KEZA brand provides an optimal viewing environment for showcasing the beauty and excellence of the developing world.

KEZA works closely with indigenous entities such as governments, associations, universities, artisans and workshops to bolster the fashion industry in the countries we work in.

In addition to advising on products catered to the Western market, we also advise on how to capitalize on high-end local markets and how to leverage the fashion industry to encourage more tourism and boost the local economy.

In August 2011, KEZA partnered with the Mombasa & Coast Tourist Association (MCTA) to form the Swahili Coast Fashion Group, dedicated to developing the fashion industry on the Kenya Coast. Click HERE to learn more about this project.

KEZA’s directors live and operate in Mombasa, Kenya, where they are dedicated to assisting in the development of a robust and successful fashion industry.